Systems Engineering

Information Technology problems typically have complex, multi-faceted solutions. For example, the need to support an organization with collaboration has Systems Architecture, Software Engineering, Systems Administration, Systems Integration, Security, and Technical Support requirements. From there Training and Change Management also need to be considered.

Triune has experience supporting IT projects from the server room to the end-user for some of the largest organizations in the world.

Systems Architecture

Architecting the right system of servers, operating systems, software, storage, security, and data redudancy is critical to any Information Technology deployment. Triune brings experience from multiple programs across the US Air Force as well as NASA in this domain.

Software Engineering

A well designed software architecture ensures that the application can grow and change with your organization. We have applications that support hundreds of thousands of uses across all functional domains of an organization.

Technical/Functional Support

Sometimes providing the Information Technology is the easy part. Helping your users engage with new applications is often a problem. We have learned to provide skilled technical support coupled with functional and domain expertise in order to facilitate user adoption.

Our Experience Includes

  • Systems Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • SharePoint Development
  • Systems Administration
  • Technical Support

NASA Safety Center IT