Air Force Knowledge Now

Air Force Knowledge Now is an all-encompassing program implementing enterprise-wide Knowledge Management for the US Air Force, including a robust knowledge management practice, systems engineering, software engineering, and technical and user support.

Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN) is the official collaboration system of the Air Force and enables the Air Force Center of Excellence for Knowledge Management. Triune's approach for the AFKN program has been three-dimensional: develop and implement a new collaboration system based on the virtual Community of Practice (CoP) concept; include an organizational development methodology to integrate, focus and advance operational performance; and provide a knowledge solutions center to provide direct user assistance in establishing effective knowledge management and collaboration within their organizations.

At it's peak, Air Force Knowledge Now connects people to content and people to people through more than 19,000 Communities of Practice, enabling over 450,000 users to conduct business, share information, and keep informed on group issues and solve group problems worldwide.

Project details

  • Knowledge Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Technical Support
  • SharePoint Consulting

Air Force Knowledge Now